Little Red Riding Hood’s Recipes

Solo Exhibition

June 26 – August 7, 2010

jam pot
Ueta Naho “Jam Pot” 2010


Naho Ueta was born in Kochi in 1972. She is based in Kochi and she showed her painting at the exhibition “VOCA” by recommendation of Masanori Kagioka, the director of Kochi prefectural museum of art (at that time) in 1997. She was awarded the prize for encouragement at the exhibition. Her paintings have several distinguishing characteristics. There are belt-like color that spread among the canvas, drip lines of paints, and the fragmentary figure, for example, cars, fruits, plants, common objects and etc. The particular way of her paintings that like a mixture of abstract painting and representational painting attract the attention of viewer. Sometimes it was described by the critics as “anomalous” or “mysterious.”

She gave birth to a baby in last year, and we can see phenotypic changes in her new paintings. There are some new motif like cooking ingredient or cooking equipment. And she made a recipe for each paintings in line with the theme “Littele Red Riding Hood’s Recipes” She tried a new attempt in this exhibition. You can see her new 10 paintings in here.







左より「ripple of giggles クスクス笑いのさざめき」73 x 116.7 cm 「wednesday’s riminders 水曜日に言っておくこと」38 x 91 cm 「sleepless night pink latte 眠れぬ夜のピンクラテ」38 x 91 cm

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