--- Empirical / Nature ---

Solo Exhibition

May 17 - June 12, 1993

Sugiura Kunié
The ketten papers (possitive) 1992 Silver Gelatin print/Aluminum with wood shelf, 118 x 595 x 18 cm

Why do people climb mountains?
However the answer is because mountains exist, it seems to me the answer is through the physical activities of mountain climbing, the spiritual exaltations are resulted.

Art making seems the perpetual mountain climbing whose entire shape will never be revealed.
And on the way some climber who has tendencies to keep documenting must be an artist.
Once I saw the movie “Poltergeist”.
The story was there was one nondescriptive suburbian house and suddenly the living room opened up to dark underworld.
One of the children was swallowed in the opening and the mother went down there using and relying something like the lope to rescue the child.
After a lot of struggles, fears and chaoses, she came back with the child.
It seemed that the story was the metaphor of art.

For example, I squeeze the plastic bottle which contains some acrylic paint and push the acrylic lines very swiftly to get some images.
My acrylic lines function as the lope.
I dive into my psycological interior relying this lope and come back to the canvas surface with a piece of souvenior from the abyss of mind.

As for photography, in the dark room I put some materials on the photograhic paper, expose it to light and quickly treat it chemically.
The images appearing on the photographic paper fuse with my fantasy.

But as much as the mountain climber is attracted by flowers and birds and clouds around him/her, I am fascinated by the vitality of New York and the energies from art community.
Especially other artists’studio visits can be very precious for the advices and analysis for my works.
They function as the compass for mountain climber.

Here I would like people to see my works as my personal inner adventures and at the same time as the record of some Japannese person who has lived and worked long time in New York,

Sugiura Kunié


--- Empirical / Nature ---


何故 山に登るか?










Sugiura Kunié
Sugiura Kunié 1993


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