“Phase of Nothingness-Black” from ’78–’79 solo exhibition in Europe

Solo Exhibition

September 25th – November 28th, 2004

“Mono-ha” is developed in Japan before or aftrer 1970. Sekine Nobuo is one of the central figure of ”Mono-ha” and he is also a pioneer in the “Environment Art.” The series of works titled “Phase of nothingness-Black” are exhibited mainly in this exhibition. In 1978-79, these works exhibited at 4 museums in Europe (Kunsthalle Dusseldorf / Germany, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst / Denmark, Kroller-Muller Museum / Netherlands, Henie-Onstad Art Center / Norway.) We also exhibit some works from “Phase” series (1968), drawings(1971) and the work titled “Phase-Piller” (1976) that is displayed first time.


’78–’79 ヨーロッパ巡回個展〔空相-黒〕による




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