June 26 – August 10, 2018

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Terada Mayumi
Terada Mayumi “awning and oval table” 2006

“Light in July,” our upcoming group show, will open on June 26th, and will display selected works that, in keeping with the season, provide a sense of glitter or shine. The Third Floor will display photographic works by various artists. Photograms by Sugiura Kunié, whose solo exhibition will be held at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum from July 24th to September 24th, contain elements of light and shadow. “Symptom,” one of Enokura Koji’s typical series will also be there, as will Shibata Toshio’s landscape that captures the beauty of natural and artificial objects, and Terada Mayumi’s miniature rooms, photographed by natural light. On the other hand, wooden sculpture by Mel Kendrick reflects sunlight changing over time through a window.

The Second Floor will showcase dynamically-shaped ceramics by Ogawa Machiko, a marble sculpture by Barry Flanagan, and from the field of oil paintings, works by Yoshikawa Tamihito, Sakaizawa Kuniyasu, Okada Yo, Itoh Masae, Ueta Naho and Qin Fengling.

Light in July


休廊: 日曜・月曜・祝日(7/16)


この度、鎌倉画廊ではコレクションを中心とした夏の展示「Light in July」(七月の光)と題した展覧会を開催いたします。梅雨明けから本格的な夏を迎えるわくわくとした気持ちになる七月。そんな季節に眺めたい、光やきらめきを感じさせる作品たちをご紹介いたします。


また2階フロアでは、小川待子の陶作品、バリー・フラナガンの石彫のほか、吉川民仁、境澤邦泰、岡田 葉、上田奈保、秦 風玲などの絵画を展示いたします。七月の光の中で、そしてさまざまな作品が放つ独自の光を楽しんで頂きたい展覧会となっております。ぜひご高覧ください。

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