YUN SUKNAM   Biography

Born in Manchuria, China 1939
Present lives in Seoul Korea


1983-84  Pratt Institute Graphic Center, New York, U.S.A.
      Art Student League, New York, U.S.A.

One Person Shows

2003  "Yun Suknam" Kamakura Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan
1998  "Yun Suknam" Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1997  "The Seeding of lights" Chosun Ilbo Art Gallery, Art Space Seoul
    and Hakgoja
    Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1996  "Yun Suknam" Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    "Yun Suknam" Johyun Gallery, Pusan, Korea.
1993  "The Eyes of Mother" Kumpo Art Museum, Seoul, Korea.
1982  "Yun Suknam" Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea.

Selected Group Shows

2003   Korean Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition "What is Sculpture?",
     Seoul Arts Center,Seoul,Korea
2002   "The Family"Imagination & Creation Exhibition Ⅲ,Kasugai City Library,Culture and Art Center,Japan
     The 2nd Women's Art Festival "East Asian Women and Her stories" Woman's History Exhibition Holl of      
     the Seoul Women's Community Center,Seoul,Korea
     The 33th Special Exhibition of Ewha Womans University Museum
     - Another History of Art "Representation of Feminity",Ewha Womans University Museum,Seoul,Korea
     People Art for 20 years Exhibition,Chunbju Art Center,Chungju,Korea
2001   "Missing",Kwangju Art Museum,Kwangju,Korea
     "The Family",Seoul Museum of Art,Seoul,Korea
2000   "Man+Space"Kwangju Biennale 2000,Kwangju,Korea
     "Portraits from Prehistory to Modern Times"
     Special Millennium Exhibition-Koreans by Koreans,Ho-am Art Museum,Yongin,Korea
     Earth's Festival,Yeongam Pottery Culture Center,Yeongam,Korea
     "Agents of change"12th Biennale of Sydney 2000,Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Space,Sydney,Australia
1999   "Patjis on Parade" '99 Women's Art Festival,Seoul,Korea
     10Years of the Lee,Joong-Sup Award,Chosun Ilbo Gallery,Seoul,.Korea
     Exhibition for 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
     Seoul Art Center,Seoul,Korea
     Art,People and Event in the Park,Youido Park,Seoul,Korea
    "Facing up to the Reality" Exhibition for 5th Anniversary of Woong-Jeon Gallery,
     Woong-Jeon Gallery,Seoul,Korea
     Art of Kum Gang(Diamond Mountain) from 18th Century to 20th Century in
     Korean Art,Ilmin Museum of Art,Seoul,Korea
     Self Portrait of 1999,Art M&C-Gallery Fusion,Seoul,Korea
     The Sculptures in the Theater,The National Theater of Korea,Korea 
1998   "Sight of desire" Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
     "Deviation, Repetition" Kims outlet, Sungnam, Korea.
     "Ancient Traditions New Forms Contemporary Art form Korea" Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford,      
      Hartford Art Schllo, Hardford, U.S.A.
1997  "Portraits of Our Times" Sungkog Museum, Seoul, Korea.
    "Versus III" Velan, Torino, Italy.
     "MANIF" Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea.
    "Apartment" Art-Beam Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1996  "Art 27'96 Basel" Basel, Switzerland
    "'96 Seoul Art Fair" Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea.
    "'96 Korean Art, New Sensation" U.S.A., Mexico, Sweden.
    "Exhibition of Environment Art, The 200th Anniversary of Suwon
    Suwon, Korea.
    "An Aspect of Korean Art in the 1990s" The National Museum of
    Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
    "Tradition/Tension:Contemporary Art in Asia" The Asia Society,
    New York "Asia-Pacific of Contemporary Art Triennial" Quensland Art
    Gallery, Australia.
    "Development of Korean Modernism, Conquest of Modern 1970-1990"
    Kumho Art
    Museum, Seoul, Korea.
    "Interpretation of Human" Gallery Savina, Seoul, Korea.
1995  "Special Exhibition for Korean Contemporary Art, Tiger's tail" Venice
    Biennial,Venice, Italy.
    "Korean Modern Art" Art Museum of Peking, Peking, China.
    "Korean Sculpture Now" Jongro Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
    "Looking Mirror in Our Time" Dong-a Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
    "The Road of Self-respect" Kumho Art Museum, Seoul, Korea.
    "Korea, 100 Self Portraits/From Choson to Contemporary" Musse De
    Seoul, Seoul, Korea.
    "Exhibition Seeds" Sonjae Art Center, Seoul, Korea.
    "Korean Art 1995/Quality, Quantity, Sensation" National Museum of
    Contemporary Art Kwha/cheon, Korea.
    "Where are you going?/Exhibition for 50 years from 1945" Seoul Art
    Center, Seoul, Korea.
1994  "Technology, Environment & Information" Expo, Deajon, Korea.
    "Commemoration for Cetennial Donghak Revolution" Seoul Art Center,
    Seoul, Korea.
    "15 years of Minjoong Art" National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea.
    "Women, Difference and It's Power" Hankook Art Museum, Seoul, Korea.
1993  "Across the Pacific" The Queens Museum of Art, New York, U.S.A. and
    Kumho Art Museum, Seoul, Korea.
    "Open Show" Park, Youngduk Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
    "Re-open Show" Korea Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
    "Peak of Contemporary Korean Art" Min Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1992  "Women and Reality" Min Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1988  "Cross Encounter of Women Liberated Poets and Paintings" Min Art
    Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
    "Women and Reality" Min Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1987  "Women and Reality" Min Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1986  "From half to One" Min Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1985  "October Group Show" Kwanhoon Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

Selected Reviews/Biographies

1998  "Ancient Traditions New Forms"Catalogue Published by National Museum of Contemporary art,     
    "Yun Suk Nam"<Monthly Magazine Mal>,pp.202-207,Seoul Korea
1997  "Yun Suk Nam's Eyes and Light" Back Ji-Sook,Catarogue Published by Art Space Seoul,
    "Pacific Basin Futures",<Art in America>June,p.61,U.S.A
1996  Yun Suknam, Art Asia Pacific, vol. 3 no. 3, 1996 p. 66-67, Australia.
    Today's Artist, YUN SUKNAM Paik Jeesook, Wolganmisool, vol. 8 no. 7,
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    An Aspect of Korean Art in the 1990s Catalog edited by the National
    Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
1995  "The Tiger's tail" Published National Museum of Modern Art,
    Seoul, Korea.
    "Korean Women Artist's Festival 1995" Catalogue published Seoul City
    Museum, Seoul, Korea.
1994  "The Portraits of 20th century Korea" Jeawon publishing company.
    "On Yun, Suknam" Gana Art Magazine, July/August, P26, Seoul, Korea.
    "Across the pacific" Catalogue published The Queens Museum of Art,
    October 15,Queens NY, U.S.A.
1993  "Sculpture for motherhood" Sisa Journal weekly Magazine, Vol 189, P84,
    Seoul, Korea.
    "The story of half world that carved on wood" The Monthly art magazine,
    July/August, P 26, Seoul, Korea.
    "For women, for Art, for wholeness" The quarterly magazine Pine Hill,
    Summer, P16, Seoul, Korea.
    "The changing of feminism art" the Joo-Ang daily newspaper, June 7,
    Seoul, Korea.
    "The eyes of the Mother" the Choson daily newspaper, June 7,
    Seoul, Korea.
    "New Structure of feminism art" The Women's News, June 11, Seoul, Korea.
    "Self-Portraits of Korea" Hangyerea daily newspaper, July 21,
    Seoul, Korea.

Public Collection

National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea.
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbana, Australia.
Mie Prefectural Art Museum., Mie, Japan
Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan.
Velan Art Associetion, Torino, Italy.
National Museum of Contemporary Art ,Kwachun,Korea
Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei,Taiwan
'88 Olympic Park,Seoul,Korea
The House of Sharing, Kyunggi Province, Korea
Ssamzie Space, Seoul Korea
Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul, Korea
Illmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea


1997  The Vice-President Price for Woman Development.
1996  The 8th Lee, Joong-Sup Award, conducted under the sponsorship of
    the Chosun daily news paper, Seoul, Korea