Lee Ufan

1936 Born in Korea
1956 Interrupted studies at Seoul National University and came to Japan
1961 Graduated from Nihon University, Department of Philosophy, Tokyo
1969 Awarded prize for critical writing "From Object to Being"
1990 Cultural Decoration, Republic of Korea
1991 Chevalier de L'Ordre des Arts et des Letters, Republique Fran aise
1973-93 Professor of Tama Art University, Tokyo
1997-98 Invited Professor at Ecole National Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
  Currently lives and works in Japan and France
Selected Solo Exhibition
1970 '74 Tamura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1973 '77 '80 '83 '86 '89 '93 '96 '99
  Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1975 '77 '80
  Galerie Eric Fabre, Paris, France
1976 '78 '89 '95
  Galerie m, Bochum, Germany
1978 '84 '87 '90 '94 '97
  Hyondae Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1978 Dseldorf Kunsthalle, Dseldorf, Germany
1978 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
1980 Marl Sculpture Museum, Germany
1982 Studio Marconi, Milano, Italy
1984 '86 '89 '92 '95
  Galerie de Paris, Paris, France
1985 '90 '93
  Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1988 The Museum of Fine Art, Gifu, Japan
1988 Padiglione D'Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy
1991 Lorenzelli Arte, Milano, Italy
1991 Hara Museum ARC, Japan
1993 The Museum of Modern Art Kamakura, Japan
1994 The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
1994 Fodazione Mudima, Milano, Italy
1995 St臈tisches Museum Leverkusen, Germany
1996 Lisson Gallery, London, England
1997 Galerie National de ju de Paume, Paris
  Lorenzelli Arte, Milano, Italy
1998 St臈tisches Museum im St臈el, Frankfurt
1999 Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo
  Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo
Selected Group Exhibition
1968 Contemporary Art of Korea, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo,
1969 The 5th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan
  Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1969 '73 S瀰 Paulo Biennial, S瀰 Paulo, Brasil
1970 Aspects of New Japanese Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
1971 7th Paris Biennial, Paris, France
1974 Japan Traditional Gegnwart, Stadische Kunsthalle, Dseldorf,
1975 3rd Triennial India, National Academy of Art, India
1976 2nd Sydney Biennial, Sydney, Australia
1977 13th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan, Awarded prize of The
  National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Kassel Documenta 6, Kassel,
1978 Z.B. Sculpture, Stadtische Galerie im Stadeischen Kunstinstilut,
  Frankfurt, Germany
  Focus 78, Centre Culturel du Marais, Paris
1979 1st Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition, Hakone Open Air Museum,
  Awarded Superlative Prize, Kanagawa Japan
1980 Skluptur im 20 Jhrhundert, Basel, Switzerland
1982 Meister der Zeichung, Kunsthalle Nnberg, Germany
  Material Gets Art, National Galerie, Berlin, Germany
  Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Camden Arts Center, London,
1983 ARS 83 Helsinki, Finland
  M. Kawabata, Lee U Fan, and Y. Saito Exhibition Juda Rowan Gallery,
  London England
1984 Wiesbanderner Skulpturentage, Wiesbaden, Germany
1985 40 Yeards of Japanese Contemporary Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Art
  Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1986 Seoul-Paris, Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris, France
1986-87 Le Japon des Avant-Gardes, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
1987 Mono-ha and Post Mono-ha, The Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
1988 Mono-ha Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporarnea, Roma, Italy
1989 Croisement de Signes, Instilut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France
  Japan 1989, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent, Belgium
  Effels de Miroir, Bibliotheque Lois Aragon, Ile de France,
  Choisy, France
1990 Blau, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany
1991-92 Aspects of Contemporary Japanese Art The Santa Monica
  Museum of Art, Portland Museum, U.S.A.
  Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City, Mexico
1992 Contemporary Art from Korea, Tate Gallery, Liverpool,
  Giaponnesi degli Anni 70, Galleria d'Arte Moderna Bologna, Italy
1994 Japanese Contemporary Art, Guggenheim's Soho Museum, New York
1995 Asiana, Venezia, Italy
1996 Japon 1970 Mono-ha, Mus馥 O'art Moderne Steliene France
  Project 8, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
1997 "Two Approaches" Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  "Made in France:"Mus馥 National d'Art Moderne, Centre Geroge
  Pompidou, Paris
1998 "SARAJEBO 2000", Museum Moderna Kunst stiftung Ludwimg, Wien
  "Korean Contemporary Art-Portics of Time", Samsung Museum of Art,


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