Seminar:Art in Hospitals in Sweden: the Role of the Art - Permeating Stream 2

Related event of a Contemporary Art Exhibition
 "Same but Different -5
Female Artists from Sweden and Japan"

The contemporary art exhibition "Same but Different" is the second
exhibition following the exhibition "a: The Permeating Stream" which was
held in Yokohama in 2000.The series of the exhibition is significant
in terms of giving a good opportunity to introduce the contemporary
Swedish art scene in Japan, particularly female artists and their
work. It is also significant that it presents people an opportunity to
review some aspects of Swedish society, which is related to the art
scene. At the first "Permeating Stream" exhibition in 2000, a
seminar "Swedish Society and Female Artists" was held as a related
event.This time, we would like to introduce unique activities of the
artists for hospitals: Sweden is well known for its excellent welfare
system such as the medical system, and the artists are often involved
with the medical scene with their unique activities.The seminar, "Art
in Hospitals in Sweden" we would like to consider the significance of
the art within the context of the welfare system by putting simple
questions of how art affects patients including children, while
highlighting various factors.

The seminar is composed of two parts; in the first part, the works of
the artists for hospitals will to be introduced by slides, while
reviewing the situation of the art within the medical scene in terms of
both artworks and architecture.

In the second part, a discussion will take place to review the
situation and characteristics of Swedish art and architecture in
hospitals and other facilities to compare the situation of Japan and
Sweden regarding what is in common and what is not. The discussion will
be joined by Japanese medical and construction experts as well as
exhibiting artists.We hope that this discussion triggers to highlight
the situation of the Japanese welfare system. Also, we hope this
seminar promotes people's understanding of the relationship between art
and welfare by seeing such unique public facilities as the schools in

Date: September 29, 2005
Time: 18:30-21:00
PlaceAuditorium at the Swedish Embassy:
Capacity: 120 persons
Admission fee: free

Please contact Swedish Embasshy by fax or e-mail if you would like to participate
and specify your name, contact information,
professional affiliation and number of people.

Consecutive interpretation (English- Japanese) will be provided for the

Talks with the artists and panelists are due to take place at the