Summary of the exhibition

The exhibition consists of artworks of five female artists who work
mainly in Sweden.

Katinka Andersson is a photographic artist. Her works reflect
characteristics of Swedish people who are known to be nature lovers:
she takes pictures of herself and her sisters in nature.They wear
unique costumes that Katinka herself has created.

Sophi Vejrich appears in Katinka's photographs and is an artist
herself. As her distinctive work style, she creates odd objects with an
ironic feel: they look both cute and eerie.

Gunnel Pettersen is Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University College of Fine
Arts, Craft and Design/ Konstfack, Stockholm, and also creates her own
work. She started her creative career with textile art and later
expanded her scope to such fields as photography and video with a
female viewpoint.Her works strongly reflect general society. In this
exhibition, she presents her work "The First Supper" 's well as other
works, including some new ones.

Inger Bergstrom is known as a textile artist with a typically Swedish
style. She is currently a professor of the Textile Department of the
Konstfack. Her piece "Cry Baby" is a self-portrait comprising 80,000
pieces of small beads and cloth and depicts such common facial
expressions as crying like children or someone complaining.

Yumiko Shiozaki is the only Japanese artist exhibiting in this
exhibition. She started to work in Sweden in 1994. Her works consist of
holograms and objects using candles. She was inspired by the
distinctive natural light of North Europe.

The style of each artist is different, however, all are works of female
artists that have been created under the natural light of northern
Europe, which is different from that of Japan. The works may highlight
the existence of modern women represented by those artists who are
crossing borders to work in Japan and Sweden. The works also reflect
the general society where the artists live.

By understanding the people you meet in a different culture you can
learn to encounter the others within yourselves. It is our wish that
the exhibition conveys new encounters with both others and yourself.