Shibata Toshio

1949   Born in Tokyo
1971   Graduated from Fine Art Department of Tokyo University of Fine
     Art and Music (B.A.)
1973   Graduated From Master Course of Fine Art of Tokyo University of
     Fine Art and Music (M.F.A.)
1975-77  Studied Painting and Photography in Royal Academy of Gent,
     received a Fellowship by Belgium Government
     Began photography seriously

Personal Exhibitions

1979   "Europe in Winter", Nikon Salon, Tokyo
1982   "Comme le diorama", Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
1984   Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
1986   "Geo-Metry-Graphy", Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
1988   "On the Spot", Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
1989   "Quintessence of Japan", Bancho Gallery, Tokyo
1991   "Toshio Shibata Photographs", Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki
1992   il tempo, Tokyo
1993   Laurence Miller Gallery, New York
     Museum of Arty, Chicago
1994   Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
     Land Mark Tower Gallery, Yokohama
1995   Gallery RAM, Los Angeles
     Halsted Gallery, Detroit
     Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
1996   "Toshio Shibata: The Edge of Nature", Laurence Miller Gallery,
     New York, NY
     "Land Scape", Il tempo, Tokyo Japan
1997   "Terra: In Pursuit of New Land scape", Gallery Luisotti, Los
     Angeles, CA
     "Toshio Shibata", Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago
1998   "Toshio Shibata", Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Shibata 1998

past exhibition