2004 ID Boutique Solo Exhibition

In most cases,architectures depend on an economic condition of each client.
Designers and builders will be required an efforts and device to build the house which
the clients desire within a limited budget.
Then, how people will imagine their home when they are free from those economical conditions?
Housekeeping and maintenace after the house is finished such as "Cleaning will be too much of a bother"
do not have to be considered.
Please hand in the essay about your "dream house".ID Boutique, the artist of this
exhibition will make the art work based on the chosen essay.
You can see such works in Kamakura Gallery from March 27 to May 16.
You can write your essay when you come to Kamakura Gallery and essays can also be submitted from the
following address.
If you have any questions or would like to know any details,please ask by mail or fax.

enter the "Yume-Goten"