Inoue Lisa

1963, Born in Tokyo
Studied music and fine arts, research working folklore, history of medicine
(modern history of fluid therapy), medical anthropology.

Earth Works 1978-1997 (In progress)

The "Earth Beats" series in which physical information is obtained by using
medical measuring instruments such as an electrocardiograph installed out in
the open air, "The Ocean of Ringer" series in which an intravenous infusion
apparatus is set at the seaside for fixed point photographing for 24 hours,
etc. (Zenpukujigawa Park, Kinuta Park, Taisei Ground, Kujyukurihama, Miura-
kaigan, Tateyama-Kaigan, Biwako, Naguriko, Takizawa-mura in Morioka, etc.)

Solo exhibition

1984 '87 '93
Gallery Hinoki, Tokyo
1985 Specially installed building, Tokyo
1986 '88 Gallery 21, Tokyo
1988 ART SPACE, Hyogo
1990 Konoha Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Carbim, Tokyo
SEIBU Department, Funabashi
Tamura Gallery, Tokyo
1991 Galerie DEN, Tokyo
1991 '92 Maki Gallery, Tokyo
1992 Gallery and cafe Suikato, Tokyo
1992 '94 Ai Gallery, Tokyo
1993 Gallery K, Tokyo

Group exhibition

1990 Biwako Artists' Organization in Okishima '90, Biwako
1990 "TOKYO-SEOUL 6000 seconds", Gallery Iteza, Tokyo
1991 HOLBEIN ACRYLART EXHIBITION, Meguro Art Museum, Tokyo
ZONE Alternative Art scene, Parthenon TAMA, Tokyo
Two weeks in the spring, Tateyama, Chiba
NAGURI Open Air Exhibition, Naguri-mura, Saitama
Biwako Artists' Organization in Okisima '90, Biwako
TAKIZAWA ART FIELD '91(Takizawa-mura, Iwate
1992 "Virtual Exhibition", ENTETSU department, Hamamatsu
Series Exhibition "Body-Space Vol. 2", Gallery ART SPACE, Tokyo
1994 "Of the Human Condition", Spiral, Tokyo ? Ashiya City Museum
of Art & History, Hyogo
"When The Body Becomes Art", Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo
1995 Biwako Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ohtu-port, Shiga
THE INNER TIDE, Imagination Factory OTTO, Yokohama
Series Exhibition "FIELD WORKERS", Gallery ART SPACE, Tokyo
Minato Mirai '95 "to A from A", Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
MORPHE'95 "Project for Gas Mask for cat ", Aoyama BELL COMMONS
1996 Kanagawa Art Annual '96, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
"A Gift of Remembrance'96" Lisa Inoue+Masahiro Kobayashi A. V. Project-
Artery and Vein, Art Gallery LA FENICE, Osaka
TAMA VIVANT '96, Tama Art University Gallery, Tokyo
revolution", Vision Network, Tokyo

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