YOSHIDA Katsuro solo exhibition
"Red, Canvas, Electricity..." Paris 1971-Tokyo 1994 + Prints
September.7th - October 20th, 2013 (at third floor)
(closed on Monday, Tuesday and National Holidays)

YOSHIDA Katsuro (1943-1999) is known as one of the main artists of "MONO-HA",
Japanese art movement in the late 60
s - early 70s. One of his works titled Red,
Canvas, Electricity...
that was first displayed at the 7th Paris Youth Biennale in
1971 and he made a re-creation of this work at
Mono-haexhibition at Kamakura
Gallery (Tokyo) in 1994. In the current exhibition, the re-creationed one and his
silkscreens from 1970 to 1972 are on display.
For further information, please contact the gallery : info@kamakura.gallery


Exhibition View
Yoshida Katsuro at the 7th Paris Youth Biennale, 1971                                   

*** The second floor is a permanent installation floor ***

Many works are exhibited in the second floor include young artists's works.