Hiroko Ichihara  Even so, I'd like to love you.

Mar. 31st - May. 20th , 2012 (at third floor)

The works of ICHIHARA Hiroko(1963~) has an impact that springs from the plain-speaking words
or hidden words in usual days.Her works are based on the theme " love and laughter".
She made her works with the use of Gothic font on white wall, flag, ice skate rink, canvas,
or every thing. Her works were exhibited in many museum and gallery in the domestic and international.
In this exhibition, the artist selected her own words especially about love, marriage or family relationship.
You can enjoy not only artwarks but also paper fortune and various goods of her.


Exhibition View

*** The second floor is a permanent installation floor ***

Many works are exhibited in the second floor include young artists's works.