Toshio Shibata " Boundary Hunt - type 55 -"    

Sep. 4th - Oct. 30th, 2010 (at third floor)

Toshio Shibata was born in 1949. He is known as a photographer who take
photos caught a fcoexistence of artificial material and nature from his unique viewpoint.
He studied oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts (and graduate school) and
he became interested in video media after graduation. In 1975 he went Belgium and
started taking photos. He won the 17th Kimura Ihei commemorative photography award
in 1992. Not only in Japan but foreign major museums (The Museum of Modern Art/New
York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art/New York, Centre Pompidou /Paris and etc., )
have his works as a collection. This is his third solo exhibition in Kamakura Gallery.
All works in this exhibition were taken by the film "Type 55" of Polaroid Corporation.
You can see 20 photos taken in 2000-2004 in Japan and U.S.A.


Exhibition view

Original postcard set


Toshio Sibata "Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref." 2000 gelatin silver print

*** The second floor is a permanent installation floor ***

Many works are exhibited in the second floor include young artists's works.