Kentaro Baba - ricordo di campanile-    

Apr.17th - Jun.5th, 2010 (at third floor)

Kentaro BABA was born in 1968, in Nagasaki. Up to now, his works were exhibited at
"Showa Shell Sekiyu Contemporary Art Prize"(1996, 1997, 2000), "The Vision of
Contemporary Art(VOCA) "(2000) and etc. In 2008, he attended the group exhibition
titled " Painting in Spring" in Kamakura Gallery.
His works are composed of many layers recoating by opposite colors. He stayed in
Milano for one year from 2005 and he found the method of drawing by oil with wax on
the canvas covered with a layers of a glue. Recently he was interested in "the obscurity
of memories" and he tried to depict "the gap between the scene in one's memory and
the real one" in his new paintings. You can meet 11 new paintings at the exhibition.


exhibition view


Kentaro Baba 「di sole e d'azzurro」2010 oil, wax on canvas 162x276cm

*** The second floor is a permanent installation floor ***

Many works are exhibited in the second floor include young artists's works.