YOSHIKAWA Tamihito "Kind of Green"    

May.9th - Jun.27th, 2009 (at third floor)

YOSHIKAWA Tamihito has been pursuing expressions of abstract painting since he started
his career. His sence of colors and lines that rousing our imaginations are getting a favorable
reception. This solo exhibition is the eighth at Kamakura Gallery.

He made many works are inspired by a nature, for example, winds, daylights, flowers,
clouds, and etc. These works have an uplifting feeling and beautiful harmony of colors.
In this exhibition, there are about 20 new works, prints, drawing and tridimensional
works made from iron. YOSHIKAWA said that "Some of recent works is affected by jazz
musics". You can see the works painted in green, blue or yellow by lilting touch and that
will make you feel pleasantly refreshed.


scene of exhibition


"Ka-hen (a petal of a flower) " 2008 oil /canvas, 130.5x193.8 cm

*** The second floor is a permanent installation floor ***

Many works are exhibited in the second floor include young artists's works.