ITOH Masae 〔She Has Mountain〕    

Nov.14th - Dec.26th, 2009 (at third floor)

ITOH Masae was born in 1982 in Nagoya prefecture. In the past, her works were exhibited at
"VOCA"(Ueno Royal Museum) , "Tokyo Wonder Wall" (Tokyo Metoropolitan Building) and etc.
In 2008, She attended the group exhibition titled " Painting in Spring" in Kamakura Gallery.
Her previous works were based on her own memories or experiences. She described these things
in shapes like flowers. But this time, She tried to express in another new way. She focused some
persons around her as models of new works. You can see a kind of figures or shadows (eyes, faces,
and so on) in these works. The artist got hold of images of real persons and found the way of agile
expressions. New 9 works are exhibited in this exhibition.


scenes of exhibition


「She Has Mountain」 2009  oil on canvas 130x194cm

*** The second floor is a permanent installation floor ***

Many works are exhibited in the second floor include young artists's works.